Grani&Braci Services for companies

Grani&Braci means services for companies, the ideal partner for:

  • Banqueting, dinner and meeting
  • Location for groups work and lab
  • Personalized solutions
  • Agreements
  • Team building and formative activities


Meetings, press conferences or company dinners. Gruppo Ethos restaurants offer wide and bright spaces available also during closing times for group works, stages or creative laboratories.

Our extremely efficient staff, who will help you step by step in every decision that you make, will take care of every single organizational aspect.

Competence and reliability will guide you through the choice of every detail, as nothing is left to chance when the name of your company is in the game.

Quality will be the main factor for the choosing of the courses, a wine and food selection led by the continuous research of our experts on the market, for solutions that suit perfectly to each specific request.

All this to create customized offers, perfect for your budget.


If meetings or courses keep you in the company the whole day, if you have to welcome clients or offer a refreshment during work, catering service is at your disposal for lunch, dinner or a simple happy hour.

We have our professional staff and for an happy hour or for a huge buffet the choice of every detail is yours.

We carefully look for service quality and with knowledge and accuracy we’ll select the best ingredients on the market to create for you the perfect offer. Just give us a budget and we’ll take care for you of every organizational aspect of the event.

The use of first class products, the care for details, the high quality cooking realized directly where the event takes place.
A great organization for a moment of great pleasure…


For your business lunch, we prepare business menu with determined price to follow each one of your exigencies.

You can use the Ethos Card: a versatile and practical card that you can recharge with your meal tickets or, in alternative, use to pay as a credit card, starting from an initial amount of credit defined by your company.

In the end a proposal of gift ideas for the best occasions.

We realize classy boxes, even customized with your logo on request, containing food and wine products or gift cards that can be used in our restaurants.  

Gala dinners

When the directive is elegance

Thanks to their amazing location, our restaurants are perfect for the most important events.

You will choose every detail, we will realize every single desire of yours.

When the name of your company is in the game, everything should be prepared with extreme care even in the smallest details.

With the efficiency of a consolidated managerial structure we study and suggest the perfect location for a certain event, we set the location and the flower decorations aiming to valorize the name of our client.

Through the accuracy of our food&beverage managers we select and control the best raw ingredients on the market, both if we look for local products or gastronomical international specialties; our sommeliers select every year the best wines from both Italy and abroad, to satisfy the taste of every client.

With the fantasy and knowledge of our cooks, improved in the most prestigious international restaurants, we prepare customized menus for every single event.

With the class of our maîtres and waiters we guarantee an accurate and reserved service, with prestigious set-ups including precious damask linen cloth, silver flatware, crystal glasses and first-choice ceramic dishware.

Everything in the pursuit of quality, professionalism, efficiency, fantasy and discretion.   

Team building

How do your teams get by when it comes to cooking?

Making pizza
You are perfect colleagues, but how do you react when it comes to handle a pizzeria?  Together with our pizza makers you will learn to work the dough, to choose the best flours and to use the ingredients in the correct quantity. And finally, place in the oven the results of your abilities.
-Also in English language-

Cooking class
Leave home the shirts, here you wear only aprons and chef hats. You are used to cooperate on analysis, projects, previsions, costs…but how do you get by in the kitchen? You will learn to cook together with our chefs, with a warning message: you’ll have to eat your culinary masterpieces. A rolling pin may be much more intriguing than a pc keyboard.
-Also in English language-

Beer tasting
Discover the brewery world with our outstanding birra Libera master brewer Lorenzo Bottoni. Tasting of beers matched to the recipes of our chefs. During the dinner Lorenzo will explain both tasting characteristics of our beers and the production details. It will be impossible to remain serious!
-Also in English language-

Coffee flavor experience
Smelling coffee grains, roasting them yourself and grinding them. In the end creating your own blend with the help of a master coffee roaster. An experience of a thousand scents, with a final taste of three blends of Arabica and Robusta varieties as well as historical notes and curiosities about the world of coffee. The laboratory and the coffee tasting may be accompanied by an “experimental” dinner studied by our chefs, of course based on…coffee.
-Also in English language-

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